Spring cable reels
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    Spring cable reels

    KAISER company gained experiences for more than 30 years in the manufacturing and selling range of cable reels.

    KAISER spring cable reels are of sturdy construction and are highly reliable.
    Our equipments are used for many different applications, i.e. for consumers movable on rails like craneways, movable platforms, trolleys, clearing equipment for sewage works or any other kind of hoists.
    Furthermore those reels are used for grabbing hoists or magnetic hoists or for other tool machineries.

    On our reels cables upto 40 mm diameter and 40 m running lengths can be wound up.

    The slip ring bodies in use are suitable for transmission of current upto 200 A at max. 1000 V AC or DC and 100%ED.
    Protection type: IP 54 (if required higher).

    Technical Characteristics:    

  • moving springs made of high quality spring band steel (long-lasting)
  • fixation flage
  • ball bearings
  • all sheet matal parts are galvanized or hot galvanized
  • max. moving and hoisting speed 60 m/min; max. acceleration 0,2m/s
  • corresponding accessories like cable grips, cable anchors, guide rollers, limit switches, cable guides etc.
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