Motorized Cable Reels
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    Motorized Cable Reels

    The motorized cable reels manuf actured by KAISER company are mainly provided with stop motors. Those motors are designed as brake motors which is a combined design of a short circuit rotor and a spring pressure brake. This drive method is suitable for braking of loads as f.ex. loads of trailing cables and for reverse motions, i.e. to maintain the winding tension.
    Our motorized cable reels are of sturdy construction and thus highly reliable.
    We are in a position to design any conception required depending on the existing space, f.ex. double-bearing reels for full width winding or spiral winding for winding lengths upto 140 m.
    This equipment is used for consumers which are movable on rails like craneways or container bridges as well as for all equipments

    where spring cable reels cannot be used.
    There is available a lot of accessories for those motorized cable reels like cable guiders and pull reliefs.

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