Cable trailers
Those cable trailers are used for any movable consumer. All parts are made of galvanized steel or of plastic. The parts are corrosion-proof and thus they may be used also outdoors or in wet rooms.

The cable trailers are manufactured in different executions:
  • cable trailers combined with rails
  • cable trailers combined with wire cables
  • cable trailers combined with a T-beam

    The systems are used as a moving rail for the consumer to be supplied with energy. Cable trailers are not only used for the supply of energy by means of roundor flat cables, but also for the supply of aire pressure and liquids. Fields of application:

    electric hoists  Cable trailers
    tool machineries
    air pressure tools
    air pressure hoists
    cutting off machines

    The use of cable trailers is the most economic way to supply energy to a moveable consumer.
    Which kind of energy supply is used depends on the required length as well as on the mechanical loads and the local facilities.
    For the correct choice of the system please ask for our catalogues which indicate all required characteristics. Please note that the cable trailers are used for the energy supply of consumers only. The cable trailers do not depend on any atmospheric influences and they may be used in wet rooms or in dirty environments, too. They are used as energy supplier for extreme environments conditions, too.
    If there will be required more energy suppliers in one line, contact lines made of metal or plastic or stretch rails should be used. All afore mentioned current supplies are manufactured by KAISER company.

    For more information please ask for our catalogues.

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