Rubber and Polyurethane Buffers
Rubber and Polyurethane Buffers

The buffers are used to pick up energy, for silencing, padding and use as elastic bearing as well as for insulating fibrations and noise.
KAISER company offers you a standard programme of rubber and cell buffers, but is also in a position to deliver any special buffers in accordance to your requirements.

The range of used of those buffers is unlimited. They are used in all production ranges as f.ex. at craneways, container bridges and hoists in the machinery industry as well as in the construction industry.

The basic material of rubber buffers is caoutchouc and their use for energy pick up is limeted due to its incompressibility. Whereas the cell buffers are made of Polyurethan with a high compressibility, i.e. a larger spring range and a high retardation. This is the ideal complementary product to the rubber buffers.

For determination of the required buffers, please let us have your inquiry by eMail or ask for our catalouges.