Current carrying rails
Current carrying rails SGK and SGK-L
Current carrying rails

Our current carrying rails made of plastic are suitable for current carrying at:

  • craneways electric hoists
  • machines
  • electric tools
  • testing and hoisting equipments
  • The screen-protected and corrosions-proof equipment offers you maximum safety. The guidance is SEV tested and is in accordance to the VDE rules.
    The compact design, the simple installation and the multi-suitability allows its use for multiple modern and moveable current transports.
    The system SGK is suitable to feed craneways and hoists.
    The current carrying capacity is 60, 80, 100 and 140 A. The normal length is 4,5 m. The rails may be used indoors and outdoors (protection type IP 23).
    Funnel-shaped feeding, transfers and horizontal and vertical bows adapt the product to the different requirements.
    The combination system SGK-L is designed especially for feeding tools since this is a combination of double-wire SGK and a load rail for loads upto 100 kg/m.
    Besides the supply to electrical tools, air pressure tools, can be supplied with current, too. The normal length of this system is 4,5 m.
    Our systems are suitable to all operating requirements by:
    graduations in 4 power ranges
    which offers you the best possibilities

    stocking can be kept on minimum
    since all accessories are suitable for all 4 power ranges
    modular system
    using a high portion of standard parts

    horizontal and vertical bows
    for individual lay-out

    combination of several plastic current carrying rails

    in order to allow use of required wires and in order to combine rails with different power ranges.

    small stocking of parts
    since all parts can be used for all 4 power ranges.

    For more information please ask for our catalogues.

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