Winder for flexible tubes

Winder for flexible tubes

Winder for flexible tubes with pull back spring for air pressure forms the flexible connection from stationary conductor to the aire pressure tools.
Those winders are of a simple construction but very reiable. Accessories like roller guides, adapters for swivable wall- or ceiling installation with quick closing coupling or plug nipples are available.
- tube to be pulled off to the required length and to be locked. (16 catch positions/rotation)
- for winding, shortly pull the tube and the tube will be wound up by spring force.

For safety and high quality in your production.
  • solid and long-life execution of structure (non plastic)
  • for stationary, swivable or rotating installation at wall or ceiling
  • mounted in ball bearings
  • high air passage
  • internal lock with switch off
  • long-life pull back spring made of special steel
  • adjustable tube guiding
  • high-quality PVC tubes, NW6 and NW9
  • operating pressure upto 20 bar
  • up to max. 20 m winding lengths
  • maintenance-free
  • surface protection: plastic lamination blue/grey

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